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Poems About England

Table of Contents

  1. At Stonehenge by Katharine Lee Bates

  1. At Stonehenge

    by Katharine Lee Bates

    Grim stones whose gray lips keep your secret well,
    Our hands that touch you touch an ancient terror,
    An ancient woe, colossal citadel
    Of some fierce faith, some heaven-affronting error.

    Rude-built, as if young Titans on this wold
    Once played with ponderous blocks a striding giant
    Had brought from oversea, till child more bold
    Tumbled their temple down with foot defiant.

    Upon your fatal altar Redbreast combs
    A fluttering plume, and flocks of eager swallows
    Dip fearlessly to choose their April homes
    Amid your crevices and storm-beat hollows.

    Even so in elemental mysteries,
    Portentous, vast, august, uncomprehended,
    Do we dispose our little lives for ease,
    By their unconscious courtesies befriended.

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