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Poems About Italy

Table of Contents

  1. On Venice Waters by Ruby Archer
  2. The Gondolier by Ruby Archer
  3. by

  1. On Venice Waters

    by Ruby Archer

    It is night in Venice,—night.
    Ah—forever let us dream
    In the starry mystic gleam
    On the drifting walls alight
    With a pale, reflected glamor
    Of the waters' dusk and white.

    In a gondola we glide
    By those ancient palace walls,
    And anon soft music falls,—
    Crystal music on the tide,
    While a sculptured Fate or Amor
    Half-revealed, the shadows hide.

    Arch of white divides the gloom,
    And a deeper shade beneath
    Marks a bridge where many a wreath
    In old days of war and doom
    Passed above in joy or sorrow—
    Laurel crown or deck of tomb.

    Mark the long, lithe silhouette
    Of the leaning gondolier,
    And his languored singing hear,—
    Jewel words in silver set.
    How the untrained accents borrow
    Beauty from unknown regret!

  2. The Gondolier

    by Ruby Archer

    Hark to the gondolier singing,
    Dreamily, dreamily singing,
    Ever guiding our languid gondola
    Out on the fair lagoon.

    Lo, how the pigeons are winging,
    Airily, airily winging,
    Blending coos in our idle revery
    Out on the fair lagoon.

    Now is the gondolier calling,
    Warningly, warningly calling;
    Hark—the answer—from turning shadowy,
    Where the dark waters wind.

    Now we emerge in a glory,
    Radiant, radiant glory;
    Campanile and dome rise magical
    Out of the Grand Canal.

    Every wall has a story,
    Passionate, passionate story,—
    O'er the song of the gondolier hovering,
    Out on the Grand Canal.

    Gardens above us are leaning,
    Drowsily, drowsily leaning;
    Never water and sky so heavenly,
    Sung by a gondolier.

    Ever and aye in our dreaming,
    Far-away, far-away dreaming,
    We'll remember this golden Italy,
    Sung by a gondolier.