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Poems About Justice

Table of Contents

  1. Justice by Paul Laurence Dunbar
  2. The Three Laws by Anonymous
  3. Two Powers by William Francis Barnard
  4. Truth and Falsehood by James A. DeMoss

  1. Justice

    by Paul Laurence Dunbar

    Enthroned upon the mighty truth,
    Within the confines of the laws,
    True Justice seeth not the man,
    But only hears his cause.

    Unconscious of his creed or race,
    She cannot see, but only weighs;
    For Justice with unbandaged eyes
    Would be oppression in disguise.

  2. The Three Laws

    by Anonymous

    Love is the golden law,
    Sunnily dear;
    Justice, the silver law,
    Cold, calm, and clear;
    Anger, the iron law,
    Harshly severe

    Anger's an iron lance
    Mighty to slay;
    Justice, a silver scale,
    Faultless alway;
    Love is a golden ring,
    Joining for aye!

  3. Two Powers

    by William Francis Barnard

    The power of wrong
    Is iron strong;
    Is the power of right, then, weak?
    The power of right
    Is a greater might
    Than thou can'st think or speak.

    Each claims the world.
    Right's word is hurled
    That it bears fear of none;
    But wrong foregoes
    War, till it knows
    Some foul advantage won.

    Where'er they clash
    And great blows crash,
    Wrong, fearful, counts each friend;
    Let friends be few,
    Let none be true,
    Right battles till the end!

    They struggle still
    Through well and ill;
    Wrong tricks its every blow.
    With brave sword hand
    Right still would stand
    In fair fight with its foe.

    Through time's full length
    Wrong guards its strength
    As if it feared its fate;
    Right risks its all,
    To stand or fall,
    With patience which can wait.

    Once wounded sore,
    Wrong strives no more,
    But trembling with its smart,
    Flees from disdain,
    To staunch its pain,
    And hide its coward heart.

    On every field
    Where it must yield,
    Right fears no mortal thrust,
    But rises there
    Still strong to dare,
    Though struck down to the dust!

    Wrong's falsest power
    Fails hour by hour,
    And ever stands at bay;
    But the heart of right
    It thirsts for fight,
    Grown stronger every day.

    Till one by one
    Lies flee the sun,
    And the war-worn years are sped,
    And the last bold deed
    Is right's good meed,
    And wrong sinks, stricken dead.

    The power of wrong
    Is strong, thrice strong,
    And the fearful cringe and cry;
    But a blow shall fall
    To end it all,
    Ere the years of man go by!

  4. Truth and Falsehood

    by James A. DeMoss

    Justice gives no rewards
    To prosecute her claims;
    While treason offers gold,
    And by it often gains.

    Truth stands unfortified,
    Bared to the storms of life;
    While falsehood always hides
    Shielded from open strife.

    While right and justice gives
    Fair play to all mankind
    Falsehood and treason push
    In night their mad designs.

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