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Poems About Promises

Table of Contents

  1. Comforting Promises by Elizabeth Hedge Webster
  2. My Promise by Amos Russel Wells
  3. Prayer and Promise by E. F. Hayward
  4. The Promise by Helen M. Johnson

  1. Comforting Promises

    by Elizabeth Hedge Webster

    In the furnace I am by thee;
    Guarding with a watchful eye,
    That its heat may not destroy thee;
    Only cleanse and purify.
    Fondest love for thee I cherish
    Seekers of a heavenly prize
    Let the fallen nature perish;
    While its flames about you rise.

    In the darksome lonely valley,
    Still beside thee I will walk;
    In my arms of love I'll bear thee,
    Till thou'rt landed on the Rock;
    Thou shalt know it is thy Saviour
    Thus doth lead thee on thy way;
    With a love that's like no other,
    Holy, constant, pure as day.

  2. My Promise

    by Amos Russel Wells

    Since I have promised, I am more than one;
    My promise is a portion of my soul,
    A loved or hated yet authentic son;
    And I without his wholeness am not whole.

    If I deny him, I deny my own;
    If I neglect him, I myself am wronged;
    When I walk forth, no more am I alone,
    And his is all that once to me belonged.

    In his dishonor, what is my disgrace!
    And in his glory, how am I renowned!
    Ah, when the King shall bow and kiss his face,
    May I with him be honored, kissed, and crowned!

  3. Prayer and Promise

    by E. F. Hayward

    If we should get the things for which we've prayed,
    The things we thought we could not live without,
    And had to keep all promises we've made,
    Believing we'd make good, without a doubt,

    A world of trouble we'd be in today;
    We'd have our life and liberty at stake;
    If we'd get all the things for which we pray,
    And fulfill every promise that we make.

    We pray, each day, for things which we deem best;
    The things we feel would bring us perfect bliss;
    And tomorrow, would earnestly request
    Some blessing, just the opposite to this.

    We promise everything within our power.
    We make new pledges, almost every day;
    If we'd make good, we'd scarcely find an hour
    In which to make new pledges, or to pray.

  4. The Promise

    by Helen M. Johnson

    "In early life I'm called to part
    With all I hold so dear;
    Strong tendrils bind my yearning heart,
    But cannot keep me here.

    "I am resigned; yet tears will fall,
    Sad thoughts steal over me;
    And dost thou know that with them all
    Are mingling thoughts of thee?

    "We have been friends in hopes and fears
    In joys and griefs the same—
    Since first we learned in childhood's years
    To lisp each other's name.

    "In quiet grove, in lonely dell,
    In meadows green and fair,
    Beside the stream we loved so well,
    If one then both were there.

    "Together we our plans have laid
    With hopeful brow and heart,—
    When roving 'neath the summer shade,
    But never thought to part.

    "The spring will come, the trees will wave
    As when we saw them last,
    But thou wilt linger by my grave,
    And muse upon the past.

    "Beyond the portals of the tomb
    I look with joyful eye:
    A glorious light dispels the gloom,
    'Tis not so hard to die.

    "There is a home of rest divine—
    A home prepared for me;
    But hours of darkness will be thine,
    For this I cling to thee.

    "Hark! 'tis the angel choirs above;
    I've but one earthly care,—
    Oh, promise me by all our love
    That thou wilt meet me there."

    That earnest look—I see it still,
    That voice—I hear it yet;
    And death this aching heart shall chill
    Before it can forget.

    The flowers have faded one by one,
    The summer birds are flown,
    And 'neath a cold autumnal sun
    I wander forth alone.

    The yellow leaves are falling fast
    Along the river side,—
    I watch them borne upon the blast,
    And on the swelling tide.

    I think how all things earthly fade,
    Then wipe the tears that flow,
    As memory brings the promise made
    So many years ago.

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