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Valentine's Day Poems

Table of Contents

  1. Cupid Stung by Thomas Moore
  2. Some Questions For Saint Valentines Day by Amos Russel Wells

  1. Cupid Stung

    by Thomas Moore

    Cupid once upon a bed
    Of roses laid his weary head;
    Luckless urchin, not to see
    Within the leaves a slumbering bee.
    The bee awak'd—with anger wild
    The bee awak'd, and stung the child.
    Loud and piteous are his cries;
    To Venus quick he runs, he flies;
    “Oh, Mother! I am wounded through—
    I die with pain—in sooth I do!
    Stung by some little angry thing,
    Some serpent on a tiny wing—
    A bee it was—for once, I know,
    I heard a rustic call it so.”
    Thus he spoke, and she the while
    Heard him with a soothing smile;
    Then said, “My infant, if so much
    Thou feel the little wild bee's touch,
    How must the heart, ah, Cupid! be,
    The hapless heart that's stung by thee!”

  2. Some Questions For Saint Valentine's Day

    by Amos Russel Wells

    Why Sir Cupid do you choose
    For your happy festival
    Just the bleakest month of all?
    Rosy June why don't you use,
    Or the dainty fingered May,
    Or some jocund August day?

    "It's because I want to show
    How against dear Love's sweet reign
    Harshest seasons rage in vain;
    Ice and sleet and blinding snow
    But the blustering captives are,
    Chained to her triumphal car."

    Then, Sir Cupid, prithee tell
    Why your merry day should fall
    In the shortest month of all?
    Is your wonder-working spell
    As distinctly fugitive
    As the month in which you live?

    "Stay in shame your slanderous tongue!
    It is I, and none but I,
    Make this month so quickly fly.
    Lovers' time is ever young;
    And this month, were I not here,
    Were the longest of the year!"

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