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Guide Thou My Steps

by William Henry Dawson

I do not ask to have revealed today
Each step that in tomorrow's pathway lies;
But 'tis for this, O Lord, I humbly pray:
Guide Thou my steps aright from day to day.
If Thou wilt only let me feel Thy hand
At each new step, while traveling toward the skies,
Firm as a rock, in fiercest storm, I'll stand;
Guide Thou my steps aright to Heaven's land.
If through deep Sorrow's vale I m called to tread,
And darkest clouds from me Thy face doth hide,
Let me remember that my Lord hath said,
"I'll never leave thee, though all friends have fled."
If but Thy touch, dear Savior, I may know,
Then Trouble's sea, how rough, how deep, how wide,
It matters not, can ne'er me overflow;
Guide Thou my steps and I aright shall go.

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