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Goat Poems

Table of Contents

  1. The Dainty Dog by Amos Russel Wells

  1. The Dainty Dog

    by Amos Russel Wells

    A dainty dog had chanced to note
    The breakfast of a greedy goat,--
    Half-rotten grass, a shocking pile.
    "Fie!" said the dog; "what wretched style!
    Good taste demands, you clownish beast,
    A dish to eat from, at the least.
    And as for food, that garbage foul
    Would even make a camel scowl,
    Would make a very buzzard groan,
    Would —" Here the goat laid bare a hone,
    Which when our dainty dog had spied,
    "Your pardon, friend!" the critic cried;
    "I'm quite near-sighted, neighbor mine.
    I see your meal is fair and fine.
    Invite me, pray, with you to dine!"