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Goat Poems

Table of Contents

  1. Rocky Mountain Goat by Isaac McLellan
  2. The Dainty Dog by Amos Russel Wells

  1. Rocky Mountain Goat

    by Isaac McLellan

    On Rocky Mountain cliff and ridge,
    Along the shelving Western slopes,
    Or in green valleys at their base,
    Where range the graceful antelopes,
    The wild goat gallops o'er the space,
    Cropping the juicy grass at will,
    Or tasting the cold mountain rill.

    So wild and wary, fleet of foot
    Surpassing speed of hound or horse,
    That scarce the skill and arms of man
    Avail to check their headlong course.
    Where the Columbia River turns
    Its North Fork, near the water's head,
    Their gather'd numbers love to graze,
    Far over the gray summits spread.
    And ofttimes to that solitude
    Come trapper and frontiersmen rude;
    And then for days the cliffs resound
    With gun-report and hunters' cheer,
    The baying of the eager hound,
    The gallop down recesses drear.
    There, then, o'er granite ridge and peak,
    O'er gorge and gulch and mossy rock,
    The hunters clamber, climb, and cling,
    Pursuing the wild mountain flock,
    And at the day-close, spent with toil,
    Return o'erladen with the spoil.

  2. The Dainty Dog

    by Amos Russel Wells

    A dainty dog had chanced to note
    The breakfast of a greedy goat,--
    Half-rotten grass, a shocking pile.
    "Fie!" said the dog; "what wretched style!
    Good taste demands, you clownish beast,
    A dish to eat from, at the least.
    And as for food, that garbage foul
    Would even make a camel scowl,
    Would make a very buzzard groan,
    Would —" Here the goat laid bare a hone,
    Which when our dainty dog had spied,
    "Your pardon, friend!" the critic cried;
    "I'm quite near-sighted, neighbor mine.
    I see your meal is fair and fine.
    Invite me, pray, with you to dine!"

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