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Harebell Poems

Table of Contents

  1. Hope is like a harebell by Christina Rossetti
  2. Did the harebell lose her girdle by Emily Dickinson
  3. Harebells in June by Annette Wynne
  4. The Harebells Ring by Annette Wynne
  5. Harebells by Annette Wynne
  6. The Little Harebell by Anonymous
  7. The Mountain Harebell―An Allegory by Ruby Archer

  1. Hope is like a harebell

    by Christina Georgina Rossetti

    Hope is like a harebell trembling from its birth,
    Love is like a rose the joy of all the earth;
    Faith is like a lily lifted high and white,
    Love is like a lovely rose the world’s delight;
    Harebells and sweet lilies show a thornless growth,
    But the rose with all its thorns excels them both.

    So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.

    – 1 Corinthians 13:13
  2. Possession

    by Emily Dickinson

    Did the harebell loose her girdle
    To the lover bee,
    Would the bee the harebell hallow
    Much as formerly?

    Did the paradise, persuaded,
    Yield her moat of pearl,
    Would the Eden be an Eden,
    Or the earl an earl?

  3. Harebells in June

    by Annette Wynne

    Ring slender bells an elfin tune,
    To summon all the elves of June;
    It's time to make the plans for summertime,
    Chime, little bells, along the river, chime;
    And let me lie with ear close to the ground,
    To hear the witching sound.

    Ring slender bells this bonny weather,
    Call all the elves of June together.

  4. The Harebells Ring

    by Annette Wynne

    The harebells ring on every lea,
    They call the blue bells oversea,
    And all the world takes up the tune,
    Skies and earth, it's June, June, June!

  5. Harebells

    by Annette Wynne

    When the grasses sway and quiver
    In the dells along the river,
    Tiny bells are ringing so
    All the fairy world will know
    "June has come to town!"

    All the world is right for playing;
    Fairies through the meadows straying
    Listen for the tiny bells—
    Harebells chiming through the dells
    "June has come to town!"

  6. The Little Harebell

    by Anonymous

    "Tell me, little harebell,
    Are you lonely here.
    Blooming in the shadow
    On this rock so drear?"

    "Clinging to this bit of earth,
    As if in mid-air,
    With your sweet face turned to me,
    Looking strangely fair?"

    "Lady" said the harebell,
    Nodding low its head,
    "Though this spot seem dreary,
    Thought the sunlight's fled.

    "Know that I'm not lonely
    That I ne'er despair.
    God is in the shadow
    God is everywhere."

  7. The Mountain Harebell―An Allegory

    by Ruby Archer

    The mountain harebell bent to the stone,
    A chime in the sensitive breast,
    And whispered low in a plaintive tone,
    "Look not on the skies, but on me alone.
    My love is warmest and best.

    "I lean so close to your quiet heart,
    Caress you with perfume and dew.
    The skies can have in your joy no part.
    Your life and mine from the same earth start.
    You glow in my brighter blue."

    "Your incense never my love can allure,
    O exquisite, soft-hued flower.
    My thought is not of your petals pure.
    I know that the infinite skies endure,
    While you are the bloom of an hour."

    * * * * *

    Once Pleasure came to a Heart and plead,
    "Oh, let me in, and rejoice!
    All the bliss of life in a feast I spread.
    The soul of Art is passionless, dead,
    Though wooing with siren voice.

    "No more in weary work will you tire,—
    Free, but for love's rosy bands.
    I'll thrill you sweetly with laughter and lyre,
    Bewilder with joy of fulfilled desire.—
    Your Art never gives, but demands."

    "Away, O Pleasure!" the Heart replied.
    "I yearn to obey your appeal,
    But will not suffer you here to bide
    Unless content as a thing aside
    From the nobler motive I feel.

    "For Art immortal has blessed my gifts
    With visions daring, divine.
    Your bliss elusive beyond me drifts.
    I toil for Art, and my spirit lifts
    A sacrifice to her shrine."

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