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Iris Poems

Table of Contents

  1. White Iris by Bliss Carman
  2. Iris by C.E.D. Phelps
  3. Iris by Hilda Conkling

  1. White Iris

    by Bliss Carman

    White Iris was a princess
    In a kingdom long ago,
    Mysterious as moonlight
    And silent as the snow.

    She drew the world in wonder
    And swayed it with desire,
    Ere Babylon was builded
    Or a stone laid in Tyre.

    Yet here within my garden
    Her loveliness appears,
    Undimmed by any sorrow
    Of all the tragic years.

    How kind that earth should treasure
    So beautiful a thing—
    All mystical enchantment,
    To stir our hearts in spring!

  2. Iris

    by C.E.D. Phelps

    Thou knowest not the parching
    Of summer's cruel drought;
    Thou seest not the marching
    Of snows in winter rout;
    But thine the emerald sod is,
    And flowery cups that brim,
    O amaranthine goddess,
    Beneath the rainbow rim!

    For thee dusk sun-rays pencil
    The slopings of the wold,
    For thee fair lilies stencil
    The ancient cloth of gold.
    Of Tynan hue thy bodice,
    Thy crown the dewdrops trim,
    O amaranthine goddess,
    Beneath the rainbow rim!

    The breezes all pursue thee,
    Moved by thy virgin pride.
    Great Pan himself doth woo thee,
    And seek thee for his bride.
    The spot where thou hast trod is
    A jewel cast to him,
    O amaranthine goddess,
    Beneath the rainbow rim!

  3. Iris

    by Hilda Conklings

    Whiter than snow, sharp whiteness,
    With fanning leaves, small and straight
    Like herself,
    With head to the sky
    And violet eyes wide-open,
    Iris comes murmering a song
    As trees do,
    And leans upon the wind.
    Later she droops her head,
    For the dark
    Has caught her . . .

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