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  1. The Disagreeableness of Infallibility by Douglas Malloch
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  1. The Disagreeableness of Infallibility

    by Douglas Malloch

    He owned a mill, he owned a mine,
    He owned a hundred miles of pine,
    He owned a horseless carriage fine,
    He owned as well a coach and four;
    He owned a house, he owned a lot,
    He owned a yawl, he owned a yacht;
    Could Lake Superior be bought,
    He'd owned that, too, from shore to shore.

    He owned a mansion great and brown,
    He owned at night a couch of down;
    He owned a street, he owned a town,
    In politics he owned a state.
    He owned a sumptuous palace car;
    He owned a railroad stretching far;
    He owned a ship from keel to spar,
    He owned them both and owned the freight.

    And yet he lived a life alone
    Because one thing he did not own;
    And all his cash was seed was sown
    Upon a field of arid salt.
    He had no popularity
    Because he had not learned to see
    That what he lacked was this, that he
    Had never owned a fault.


    This life would be one grand, sweet song
    If other folks would say they're wrong.

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